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A simple and basic definition of these two words is necessary, in principle, SOFTWARE is the set of instructions encoded in some way for a device to perform a certain task, while a tool – I insist on the basics of the definition – is that is created physically or virtually to perform a task in a simpler way.

Living daily with something often makes us forget to define things, and understand what and why they are; by defining I mean listing the characteristics of something, hence the previous definitions are – in this case – basic and generic. The way we manage existence today is intimately linked to software, from the mobile device, the car we drive, the alarm in the house, and even the coffee and vending machines depend on it, everything is used as a tool to make us a simpler life.

Business is no exception, and we must choose the right tool when it comes to software because it should not only help us to record transactions but also to achieve the ultimate goal of computing, which is to generate INFORMATION AUTOMATICALLY, in other words, another way, it is not just keeping an electronic record of what happens when it happens, who generates it, etc.

Within our business, the process of the huge amount of data we have, summarize it and operate it so that it provides us with elements of judgment for decision making.

Do you have the right tool with the software you run your business?

Author: Federico Castaneda