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Humanizing your brand is a great strategy to differentiate it from the rest, it can help us change the customer’s perception and thereby achieve the differentiation we want. It is not so much about being considered as a mere business, but about offering accessories that turn the shopping experience into something unique. For this, you first need to open up and be transparent, not only in your branding but also about the people behind your company.

Humanizing your brand is giving it personality, developing a unique identity that stands out, is consistent and, of course, has a real, friendly, and human approach.

To achieve this, you have to present yourself to the public with a communication whose tone is familiar and a message that offers an impression of personality. Nobody is going to have a strong connection with a brand that feels is led by a group of robots.

There is no magic formula to humanize your brand, but there are a series of key details that can show its most friendly and genuine side.

Some advice:

Share content and share with your audience:

Make sure to share things that are relevant to the audience you want to reach.  Inspire them and push them to ask questions and start a conversation, that way you can listen and learn from them. 

Stay true to your brand:

Be authentic and true to your brand.  The key to humanizing your brand is to start by knowing your identity: your values, your goals, and the things that matter to you. 

Show your audience the behind-the-scenes:

Letting your consumers see the people behind your business is a powerful way to humanize your brand.  If your consumers only see your logo, all the time, every time, it is possible they will not see your brand as a human brand.  We recommend letting your audience see your team and center their attention on them.

Be Grateful.

When you celebrate your achievements, make sure to thank your clients; they will feel flattered, and they will feel they are part of something big.  This creates a strong connection and without a doubt brand loyalty.

Author: Camila Rayas