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Who would have thought back in the day that videos would become the new way to transmit a message and push a brand forward, right?

Today, short-form videos are the second most effective media structure; as a matter of fact, 31% of marketers currently invest in short-form video communication.

In 2022, nearly 90% of global marketers plan to continue investing or increase their efforts in short-form videos. It is an investment to create leads and position the brand better. In lead generation alone, it is estimated that over 60% of the traffic comes from video consumption.

Short-video trends align well with the shorter attention spans audiences have today in the fast-paced environments we live in today. Short forms of content get to the point and allow audiences to consume the message quickly and move on; that explains TikTok’s popularity, as it relies heavily on short-form video.

Don’t forget short videos are not meant to shoot and send but to create valuable content that can get your message right in a short period; after all, we are all fighting for attention with short-attention-span audiences.

My suggestion is to try it, talk about, you know, how to solve a problem for your audience perhaps, and by all means, be natural, be yourself. People appreciate authenticity in that short period.

Author – Karen Soni