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Team Ahava took a special trip to where the Royals live, aka London, to attend the biggest marketing expo probably in the world, the b2b Marketing Expo hosted by ROAR at ExCEL London this past November 2022. The cool thing about this expo was the complete access Team Ahava had to conferences, workshops, and one-on-one talks with the marketing pioneers of today, and we found some interesting information that is helping us shape the future of our agency and the brands we represent.  

Here is a quick summary of these priorities:

  1. Invest in branding for your business. Bringing value to your brand will no longer be a luxury but a necessity. Your clients will need to see the value of purchasing your products or services. 
  2. Invest in content strategy. With so many types of consumers and Gen-Z taking over, your content will matter out there. Ensure you have good content that resembles how your consumer will save time and money. 
  3. Invest in a better digital experience. If you have not realized it yet, it’s time to do so. The world in vast majority runs on the available digital platforms, which means your consumers are online most of the time. Ensure your website and social media pages are optimized and designed for the ultimate experience.  
  4. Invest in customer retention. We’ve seen through the eyes of our clients that it is taking a little more effort to retain customers because of the endless options out there. Plus, everyone is fighting for attention, so getting a new customer will be a little more difficult but still doable, and investing in keeping your existing ones, will be a big game changer for all brands.  
  5. Plan for the short and long term. This is 101 in any business plan and model, same for marketing plans. This time, you have to take it seriously and plan for what may come in the next six months to 2 years and how your business will be shaped in the next five years. Make sure you are planning your marketing, your expenditure, your labor cost, your operating cost, and what the sales goals and income goals will be. It all comes down to marketing, believe it or not. 
  6. Events are coming back with a VENGEANCE! COVID-19 is a thing in the past, I mean is still out there spreading, but the media has done a terrific job of toning it down a bit. This means that events are coming back; not only are brands craving to promote their services the old-fashion way, but individuals are desperately looking to go to events. Some of these events to think about are networking, grassroots, roundtable, activations, music, cultural, and sporting events. 
  7. Create a roadmap that resembles innovation. Try new things per month or quarter. Look for better ways. This will help your brand adapt to changes rapidly because change is coming again and again and again, and this also teaches your consumers about that very same change. Try it! 

These priorities can be self-done and applied, but if you need help or would like to expand and discuss more on some of these, feel free to reach out to our Strategy Team and learn more about how your business can take advantage of these 2023 Marketing Priorities.

Author: Karen Soni