By Aldo Santamaria

Did you know that brands which set clear goals and a budget for marketing are 425% more likely to report success? If you hire an agency, you will notice an increase in your sales.

This is the result of a series of actions guided by knowledge and experience. In other words, a marketing agency will provide you with a strategy.

That is the reason why, in this article, I will explain this process and show you how it can be beneficial for your business.

Marketing is like a game of chess

Marketing encompasses those activities which promote the buying or selling of goods and services. But, even though this definition is quite accurate, it is also pretty shallow. Multiple factors can bring great success or a resounding failure.

That is why marketing is like a game of chess. As you can imagine, some players are better than others, and we could even classify them as beginners, intermediates, and grandmasters.

Therefore, a marketing agency is a team of grandmasters who know every single move. Their pieces are tools that pave the road to victory. Let’s take a look:

1: Quality Content

As Bill Gates said more than 25 years ago:

“Content is king.”

Content is the piece that grants success or defeat in the marketing game. After all, you may understand each process of your business from start to finish, but there is a huge difference between being knowledgeable and being a good communicator. For example, do you know how to capture the attention of your potential customers? Do you know how to give them the exact information that they are looking for? Do you know how to build their trust?

Marketing agencies use all kinds of media to achieve these goals, including videos, infographics, blogs, and podcasts. There is simply no marketing strategy when you don’t have any content.

2: Effective Use of Social Media

Given the abundance of quality content, it becomes crucial to get to your audience effectively. For this, marketing agencies resort to the most powerful chess piece. If the content is king, social media is queen.

Approximately 82% of people in the United States are social media users. These platforms provide accurate data on each individual: their age, gender, location, and tastes, among many others. This allows you to segment your audience and thus reach your target.

3: Search Engine Positioning

Some customers know exactly what they want. They do their research, look for different opinions and compare many different products. That is why Search Engine Positioning is our tower.

A marketing agency will create a website for your business, and then it will optimize it (through SEO techniques) so that it responds to search intents and ranks higher in Google.

Search Engine Positioning is closely related to good content. Together, they bring value to potential customers, who will later acquire their products or services from that company which was more helpful.

4: Design for Digital and Traditional Media

The next weapon at an agency’s disposal is Design, which is equivalent to the bishops. This process is about a lot more than just making things look good: it lays the foundation for solving multiple day-to-day problems, such as a bishop that can quickly finish off an opponent’s pieces.

The marketing strategy in its entirety is an example of design put into practice, and so is a business card, a website, or an e-commerce platform, as well as the tools that you need to implement them.

5: Creating Experiences

For products and services to be adopted by people, they have to be not only useful or pretty but also meaningful. That is why experiences are our knights.

A marketing agency will understand the logistics, social engagement, audience, and other elements associated with both face-to-face and virtual experiences. After all, not all events will make sense for your business, and you need a team of professionals who will choose the one that brings the best exposure.

6: What about everything else?

The marketing world moves at a tremendous speed. The strategies that worked a few years ago may have become obsolete, and that is why you must adapt just as quickly.

As you may know, when a pawn reaches the opposite end of the chessboard, it can be promoted to a piece of higher value. In marketing, this represents those techniques that are tested every single day and that may become the new great strategy to grow your company.

So, what is the best marketing approach for me?

Each business is unique, and that is why you should resort to an agency. It will help to understand your particular scenario. Through research, it will identify your strengths and weaknesses and will develop your marketing strategy.

So, if you are looking for success in this game of chess, just hire the experts.  Get in touch with Team Ahava