Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know the average website has a lifespan of about three years?  This means, that the website will need a redesign, a revamp and a fresh new look every three years or so.  Now, design is vital and important, its responsiveness even more but what is crucial is the content.

I’ve come across many websites that are plain pretty but it has no valuable information and I’m immediately out of there.  Now imagine getting a potential customer come to your site, they’re hooked, but in a matter of seconds you lose them; well let me tell you, your website is missing important content that is engaging and informative to the customer to do the very next thing, which is contact you or buy your product/service.

Content is everything, from the copyright to the images, videos, case studies, forms, interactions and more.  Having good content, in connection with a sleek, responsive design will make your business attractive enough to engage and now all is left, is position the site in the different advertising channels available online for you whether free or paid.

Things to consider:

  1. Evaluate your website, when was the last time you redesign your website?
  2. Do you have good content, or do you need help creating it?  Sometimes, it’s hard so don’t worry.
  3. Have you done enough research to know what audience you need to target?
  4. Have you surveyed your niche to see what they’re looking for?
  5. How are you positioning your branding?
  6. What loyalty programs do you have in place online?

Web design is far more than just designing, in fact, it can be overwhelming, so search for an expert to assist you.  Chat with an agent.

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