Here are five tips to follow to trend and thrive with your brand in the different social media channels you currently have for your business.

  1. Be consistent.  Consistency is key to staying trendy and ranking better on social media.  This means that if you decide to go on 2-3 posts per week calendar, make sure you stick to it and generate that content no matter what.  It is a proven fact that brands tend to lose followers when there is little to no consistency.   If you are doing motivational quotes one day, a fun fact the next, and service or promo post the following day, make sure you follow through.
  2. Follow what’s trending.  I cannot stress this enough, follow what is trending; this will absolutely give you better ranking and relevancy across different social media channels.  Remember that famous slap of Will Smith to Chris Rock?  Well, that is a trend you and your brand should have followed. This means a meme, picking a side, or simply commenting your thoughts across your channels creates relevancy and keeps you in that funnel of trendy brands.  Another way to follow what’s trending is not only to see what is going on but to talk about it and follow and list those hashtags.
  3. Monitor results.  We’ve all heard this before, but it’s actually a must. You can see a quick glance at your social media insights, but understanding those results is so important because you get to analyze what is working and what needs to be adjusted.  If you post at a certain hour, is it working?  If you post certain content, is your audience engaging? Are you gaining followers with the type of content you are producing?  More importantly, are you getting conversions from the content you post?  These are all great questions you should have when you monitor your results.
  4. Join communities. This is by far one of the most effective ways to grow your followers because you join communities to contribute to content and experience and also to widen your network.  Joining a community, whether are groups, or online networking events, is great. This is like when we used to network in person back in the day.
  5. Interact with your audience. Don’t be a robot. Show your audience you are an actual human, show them you have people working in your organization, and for the love of THOR, do not use bots to answer questions for you. This was a great tool back in the day, but today, people are craving experience and interaction, so engaging with your audience is a must.  Make sure also to reel them in, create raffles, and promos, do a Facebook Live, and let them see the face behind your great brand.

Well, that’s it! Sweet and simple, reach out if you need help in getting started.



Image by Magnus Mueller, Pexels.com