By: David Jaquez

People like to connect with other people, not with companies. That is one of the reasons why

companies like Tesla and Apple are so popular because the founders represent an idea, a vision, and they reflect that within their company. We all know Steve Jobs was a visionary, an entrepreneur, and a creative person, but let’s not forget that he was an amazing storyteller, and this is what charmed people.

Learning to tell stories is one of the best ways you can engage with people, it is a way to get people’s attention, and at these times that can be priceless. Even if you have hundreds of stories to tell, there is one that you can’t forget: Your Founder Story.

There is a hidden power behind every business owner’s story. When somebody tells you the reasons they decided to start their own business when they quit their job to go and follow their dream, when they saw an opportunity, when they discovered a niche or they decided to embrace the change. Every story is a way to help you connect with people, explain your goals, and bring everybody closer to your vision. We all know how Steve Jobs started Apple in a garage, the struggles that Walt Disney faced, and the first thing Jeff Bezos was selling when he started Amazon.

Whenever you are telling your story, make sure you are true to yourself and tell the same story to everybody, it will be easier for you to tell and for them to remember. There are many ways you can tell a story like writing a blog, shooting a video, or doing an infographic, but the most important part is to make sure that the story is in your head at all times, and that you know how to tell it, and you can tell it to anybody at any given moment.

Stories are easier to remember, like they say it’s not about the best advertisement, it’s about who tells the best story. If you can become a storyteller, you will be able to communicate your message, your ideas, and your brand, in a memorable way. Start by sharing your story, and see the power that can bring to your business.