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Are you a business owner?  Let me guess, have you been working with a marketing person, team, or agency that specializes in one part of the marketing mix for a while now?  You know that’s not enough, there is something missing, there are unmeasured metrics and you know your brand has a lot more potential than what you’re currently reaching.  What you need is a roadmap to really take your business to the next level. Luckily, you’ve come across an agency that can help with that.  Ahava Marketing is a full-stack marketing agency that understands the entire depth of marketing, the traditional and nontraditional ways, and the front end and back end of what marketing really is.  Team Ahava can help you create a plan that’s perfect for your business and help you reach more customers and grow your business faster than ever before!  Here are just a few benefits of working with a Full-Stack Marketing Agency.

Why full-stack marketing is essential to B2B and B2C industries.

  1. A full-stack team behind your brand: this is an inexpensive way to gather experts in every part of marketing and combine their expertise and scope in one place.
  2. A full-stack marketing strategy that goes beyond planning how to use marketing efforts, but understands how every angle plays a part and is able to not only track KPIs but understand the data to make the brand better and reach more for less with customized algorithms that can determine how effective your brand is and can be.  Think that a full-stack marketing agency brings you the marketing experts who can craft unique, personalized strategies that best suit your goals, industry, and budget.
  3. A full-stack one-stop-shop:  Another benefit is having a one-stop-shop solution for your marketing needs.  When you partner with a full-stack marketing agency, it means you have everything at your fingertips and under one roof, which makes things like communication, collaboration, and payment a lot easier.
  4. Marketing and technology redefined: As a full-stack marketing agency, having the ability to collaborate and join marketing and technology is truly a game-changer, especially in the so-ever-evolving digital world we live in today.  Having an agency that understands the creativity, the data, the technology, and the strategy behind the marketing for any brand will be the winner in this race for attention, so keep this in mind!
  5. In one word: AFFORDABILITY.  I invite you to do the math, you’re a business owner, you run payroll, and you pay contractors, let’s do it!  Did you know, to effectively market your brand and actually bring results in, you need at least seven people behind as your marketing team, and that’s really the minimum, the more expert hands, the better.  But let’s be conservative, and say seven people.  Now, who are these seven people:  Well, to start you need a Strategist, someone that will be responsible for the implementation and the game plan. The person that will identify new marketing opportunities, develop concepts to promote brand awareness, and bring new life to your business.  Then, you need a Creative Lead, this person makes the creative decisions on your brand and its campaigns, specifically on assets such as advertisements, product launches, events, logos, vibes, and feelings on every single campaign, is it in the right tone for the audience, etc. Next, you need a Brand Designer, in order to create a long-lasting brand, you need someone who has a genuine passion for design and creative culture.  This person usually produces designs across a variety of environments in order to place your brand in all aspects where it needs to be.  Then, you need a Graphic Designer, this person will create visual concepts to communicate, inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.  A very different person from a brand designer, a graphic designer maintains peace between a brand designer and the content writer.   The Content Writer works very closely with the strategist to identify the original plan and take into action valuable content the audience will engage with, this person has a way with words of any range really and brings the most value to the idea and design.  Next, you need a Community Manager, this person is in charge of looking out for trends, news, and information about your industry, they look for real followers, active users that leave comments, and like your brand.  They create engagement through the content they publish and interact with other users within the social media scope.   Last but not least, is an Account Manager, this person is truly a ninja in marketing, as he maintains a peaceful and straightforward environment among the entire team handling your account.  Let’s not mention that an account manager also works with more team members that may be needed, such as front and backend developers, web designers, marketing coordinators, grassroots and experiential specialists, media buying reps, and so on.  Now, do me a favor, and Google salaries for each of these positions if they are full-time in your business, or do the math among the different people and agencies that are working for the same cause.  This is why full-stack marketing is always the way to go. Now, here comes the fun part.  Schedule a 30-minute discovery call, and let Team Ahava identify your marketing needs, and help you get where you need to be and where you desire to be, we promise, that if you are on the right path, we’ll push you to thrive with or without us. 

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Author: Karen Soni