Social Media is a must.

Does anyone recall when it was optional to have a social media presence as a business? It feels like forever ago when that was the case. Today, social media plays a central role in any marketing strategy for brand exposure and the mighty customer service we offer.

Throughout 2020, amid the pandemic as a marketing agency, we had to reconstruct the way we brand and strategize certain marketing campaigns for our clients. We had to make a major shift in the way we do marketing. We came to find out that more than half of the small business owners in Houston alone turned to social media to continue showing the customers they were still open for business. As a matter of fact, after carefully readjusting many of the clients’ marketing strategies, we saw a rapid growth in their business when relying majorly on social media, email marketing, and digital ad-campaigns.

Now, Social Media alone is not an easy tool to manage. I come to see many potential customers at some point in the process, though they could post specials or updates about their business and in return get impressions and brand awareness. Our agency began to show these business owners that posting alone was not the solution. In order to understand the audience and get a positive reaction to any post – a business has to have a beautiful and creative design, rich content, trending hashtags, and a powerful call to action to cause a proper reaction. Plus, creating a strong, carefully-tailored campaign for a specific market niche.

It’s not like performing open-heart surgery with no medical degree, it’s more like performing in front of a crowd with no flashcards, no notes, and no backup. So the attention span may be limited to a few or to none at all.

Get expert help! Whether it’s us or anyone else you prefer – make sure you do it right. The impact of exposing your business on social media can be a good one or it can have a negative outcome if not done properly.