About Gomez Law

A result-driven, diverse law firm that specializes in immigration, family, civil law, as well as mediation.   Gomez Law offers a multilingual legal council that brings global expertise to the table with a modern approach and a remarkable reputation.

Learn About The Problem

The Problem


Imagine offering a service that is so vital for Hispanic consumers in the United States, and have a better vision than your competition, perhaps, a modern approach, and convey more than any other firm in a language the customer understands; yet have difficulty conveying that same message to set you apart from the rest?  Gomez Law faced precisely that!  As a pioneer in immigration law with the ability to offer services in four different languages, an all-women driven firm was offering more than anyone else but not showing its full capabilities.

Learn About The Solution


The Solution

Modernization and design disruption was a big part of the different campaigns Ahava launched for Gomez Law.   Simplicity was the goal and conveying the right message based on market research and consumer behavior gave the client a higher engagement among social media platforms, website traffic, and overall brand positioning.

Other Services Rendered
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design
  • Marketing Collateral