El Tri Mexican Restaurant takes pride in the authenticity and deliciousness of its food.  As a pioneer in the famous Mexican food industry – The Great Story Of Our Culinary Journey started as a family concept that later turned into sharing great and authentic recipes to the heart of Conroe, Texas. As many places offer a taste of Mexican food, El Tri decided to take it even further and provide delicious recipes born in the heart of Mexico.

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  • Culture Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Design Strategy
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  • Website Design
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The Problem

Imagine having a delicious line of Mexican dish recipes and yet the general market does not know about it.  El Tri had difficulty portraying its authenticity with a clever image/logo that could help even those with little to no knowledge of the Mexican culture identify what El Tri was really about.   This food establishment with no question revolutionizes the taste of Mexican food but there is a world of people still to find out. 

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The Solution

As a digital expert, Ahava Marketing was able to identify the problem with ease and proposed a series of logos that blended well with their restaurant while maintaining the core values of this very same food establishment and mixing it up with the authentic Mexican culture from the Aztecs and play with the colors that identify the word “tri” as “tricolor”, as the three colors of the Mexican flag.  In addition, to the brand strategy, Ahava Marketing played a big role in all the other marketing efforts to reposition the brand both digitally and through traditional channels.