By Karen Soni

It’s hard to believe, we are in mid-2022 already! In less than five years, marketing will look drastically different than it does today. So what can you expect? Here are some of the top marketing trends for 2022:

– 1. More video content

A few years ago, I would have told you that video was a third, maybe the fourth priority in your marketing plan. Today, I tell you, it is the first priority and this is thanks to the new generations taking over the world by video. Video is the new way to communicate, without a question, it has become the new way to say what you think and throw it out to the world. Today, more than 85% of the content is digested via video, and the craziest part is, that any video has about a 3-second attention span. This is crazy guys! This means that with millions of videos out there, your brand has a chance of 3 seconds or less to get noticed. Now obviously, the benefit of video content is to grow revenue and increase traffic on your site, or social channels but it also plays a huge part in influencing buying decisions, because you should be giving people what you want in a short and sweet video. So, what I recommend is video, video, video, CONTENT! Grab your camera, record yourself, and send it out, don’t worry about editing your videos, adding effects, or retaking it until your ideal pose is showing, just post it; because of the likelihood of someone seeing your video for more than 3 seconds is 1 in 10. Assume no one sees it, so post it, and worry about the rest later.

– 2. Greater focus on personalization

Everyone in the present time is fighting for attention, either to get customers or to simply be heard. Customers have always appreciated when companies recognize them, but what they appreciate the most, is when brands cater unique experiences to them. Personalization brings a lot of value specifically in marketing because a brand must tailor the message to an individual based on the information that was collected, think about their purchase history, their interest, their demographics, etc. Unlike traditional marketing, personalized marketing targets a broader audience and it caters to a message exactly to what the consumers are expecting. The goal is obviously to make customers feel that the brand is speaking to them directly, that the brand understands them, and comprehends what the customer is looking for. Some ways to focus greater on personalization are through content, emails, product recommendations, webpages, SMS/text messages, etc. The benefit of personalization comes down to greater conversion rates and customer engagement which means feedback and loyalty, social sharing, and what we are all in business for, higher revenue.

– 3. Increased use of AI and chatbots

Customers are looking for a smooth engagement, if your business is not offering this, you’re in trouble. Let’s go back to what I said about fighting for attention, this goes for your business too, you and others are fighting for the same attention; customers! So if your site is not offering AI and chatbots, that can immediately engage with a potential customer while you’re out or because is in the middle of the night, there is a high likelihood that the lead will go to someone else that can provide the answers to them instantly. AI-powered chatbots can make a big difference in the way your business communicates with customers and potential ones. As a matter of fact, over 35% of consumers want more companies to use chatbots to improve their communication strategy and provide quick and better service. Think about these advantages: 24/7 availability, this means when you’re sleeping in the middle of the night, JOSH, or however you want to name your chatbot is answering questions for anyone visiting your site. Think about an instant response as well, even if during business hours, people don’t get you’re not stuck to your computer, waiting for a customer to come in, you’re busy running a business, so instant response is ideal to catch the messages you can’t at the moment. Next comes, building an omnichannel, what this means is that you can centralize this effort through various channels like your website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Going back to my previous point, personalization is a must! Bots can ensure a touch of personalization by connecting with consumers, one-on-one, and maintaining a conversation that feels almost real. Another cool advantage is multilingual service, many sales bots tools can answer customers in their language based on market or territories, making it even cooler to engage with your brand. I mean, just imagine an “Hola, como estas? to your Hispanic market, a game-changer for sure! And last but not least, order automation is driven by bots. Giving your customers the ability to order without human help, is the new way to place an order. Believe it or not, not everyone is looking for human interaction, if you’re like me, you probably want to spend the least amount of time talking to a human to place an order, I mean that is to be a waste of time because I want to allocate time to my customers, to opening new opportunities and grow my business, not standing in line or on the phone waiting to a place an order from a vendor. The world is moving fast, this means, that you need to optimize the experience, and your customers will appreciate this.

– 4. More influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for a while, it’s nothing new, and if you have been doing it, kudos to you because now is trending and you need to be on top of this. Remember, the time when the only word that mattered was your mother’s and the President of the United States, well that’s long gone. The only word that matters now, is of that influencer that is being followed by millions and constantly affecting good or bad the buying decisions of your consumers. I mean think about it, back in my day, I use to go to my mom when I needed a home remedy for a cold, now, I go to Tiktok and get the same information from a complete stranger just to get validation, and so I think, my mom is outdated, let me hear it from someone in today’s century, it sounds harsh but it’s true. Or remember, when the President of the United States would tell us if we are going to war or not, or if there is a conflict or not, well guess what, there is now a new President on TikTok with more information telling us the straight-up truth if we are in a dangerous conflict with another nation. This is influencers’ work! Now, enough dramatization, think about it in marketing terms, what can an influencer say about your product will more than likely have millions of people engage with your brand someway, somehow, just make sure you are ready to get that traffic, have valuable information, automation, and everything else I told you about, so it’s not a 3-second visit, and ciao!

– 5. More emphasis on data analytics

AHHH! Data! The queen in a chess game. I mean it! Just like in a chess game, the data dictates a lot of things, it reroutes efforts, retargets campaigns, and provides valuable information on your investment, and oh my gosh, it protects your customers’ investment in your brand like no other. Data measures, tracks, and analyzes campaign performances for better decision-making. With the right tools, the right team 😉 it will help you understand and provide insights into audience behavior, improve marketing strategies, and avoid wasting money and resources on unnecessary marketing approaches. Remember, predictions, and outcomes reshape your business to a better tomorrow, and that’s what data is for.

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