By: Leyla Andrade.

For me, being a creative person is a quality that we can all develop. Of course! Being creative is not only that person who works within the field of the arts, but it is that quality that all people have; some more hidden than others, but we all carry it inside.

I can tell you that creativity is like my “Jiminy Cricket”. He sounds a bit crazy, right? For me it is very true and being a designer I can tell you that there are times when I talk to her.

Every day, during work, I usually have multiple tasks within different brands, each one with its unique and special twist, so sometimes it is necessary to speak to our creativity. We have to change from one topic to another, so what better way to ask our creativity to help us, to be like another companion in our day to day.

Creativity usually speaks to us in different ways in which we often do not realize how ideas come to our heads and we are not able to take them and put them into action. That is why today I will tell you some tips to get along better with our creativity and enhance it.

  1. Don’t be afraid to imagine.

With how fast our lives go, we don’t give ourselves that time to 

Surprise Yourself.

I go back to the same thing, we go on autopilot and put aside our surroundings! Don’t stop admiring and marveling at our world! We live in such a beautiful place that we should not put aside everything that it can teach us, we can find a lot of inspiration in the nature of everyday life.

  1. Be Curious.pause to let ourselves go by our thoughts. Don’t judge yourself, let your mind fly. I can truly tell you that when you let your mind and heart rest, great ideas will come flying to you.

For me, curiosity is a very important basis for creativity. What is the point, if we do not to ask ourselves the why of things? Question, raise doubts, do not stay with the traditional! Curiosity will make you inform yourself, look for the reason of things and that will lead you to have your own thought, where little by little it will guide you towards creativity.

  1. Forget about taboos. 

Creativity, as I said, is not only for a specific group of people, but it is for all people. I once read that from a very early age people would tell you that if you drew ugly it was synonymous with not being a creative person. Today I can say that creativity came in many forms and colors, where it not only comes from art, but from any branch of study in which you are involved. Exploit it and work it to everything it gives. Each person from his own area of knowledge can become as creative as he wishes.

5. Flow.

To be creative it is not necessary to stress and have a hard time, on the contrary, look for moments in which you can relax and flow with the moment. Ideas come when you have a clear mind, empty where ideas can arrive, land and plant themselves in you. Think, what helps you to be in a state of flow? There are people who like to walk to clear their heads, exercise or do some recreational activity such as painting or reading. I can tell you that drinking water helps me, I feel that it is a pause and at the same time a “something” that allows me to flow with my thoughts. Find yours, relax, flow and allow ideas to come to you.

  1. Don’t give up.

Creativity does not develop from one day to the next, it is constant work where patience is needed. There are times when we feel that we were able to grasp the idea that came to us but when we put it into practice, it was not what we were looking for. It’s sad, yes, but think like this: that idea that could not be planted in you, gives way to new ideas, that you already have, a sort of fertilized field for the next idea.

Work on your ideas, create a world of possibilities, and remember to be nice to yourself, you do a great job by having a creative mind.