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Email Marketing is becoming one of the top five channels to reach potential consumers and as many companies take this approach, getting the attention you want in that inbox folder is the number one focus for businesses like yours and ours. We’d like to share a few ways to help you reach potential consumers with email marketing and stand on top of your competition.

Have you heard that what matters is quality, not quantity?  Well, it’s true!  One of the main reasons someone will dare to read the entire message is to ensure you have quality content, not quantity.  Absolutely no one likes to get a long-love letter in their inbox; everyone is on the go nowadays so you want to deliver a short and sweet message that grabs their attention.

Do you know how to lose your audience quickly?  Send them to an external link to sign up.  We’ve learned that when you embed the signup form in the email itself, you increase the subscription rate by 40%.  No one likes the extra effort and let’s face it, our attention span decreases by the minute with so many functions within our smart devices.

How do you embed your message into the reader’s mind?  Well, repeat it as much as we can, while keeping it sweet and simple.  Include the sign-ups multiple times, including a repetitive call to action to get readers to retain the information you want them to.

How do you keep your content available practically everywhere?  Two words: MOBILE FRIENDLY!  More than half of the adult population have their emails on their phones and let me tell you if your email newsletter is not mobile-friendly, consider your email trashed or sent to the junk mail folder.

When do you retarget your most engaged consumers? It’s not about sending random emails is about strategizing how, when, and to whom? If you have the right set of tools, you’ll be able to see which consumers are opening your emails, if they clicked on any of your CTAs and how long did they stay in your email?  You can strategize another email campaign to that segment alone and strategize other forms for the lost leads.  Audience segmentation is very important when it comes to email marketing; not everyone wants to see the same thing and you really want to avoid unsubscribes.

How to go automated?  If you have never sent automatic emails, well it’s time to do it.  Not only does this option save you time but it lets you set up automated emails to specific audiences and it lets you monitor your audiences’ behavior.

And lastly, stick to your promise; whatever you are offering make sure you stick to it and comply, no one likes false advertising and if you want that audience to add you to their contact list, you have to deliver the goods.  This helps you create credibility within your brand and anytime these consumers receive your email, the email reflects what your brand stands for.

Author: Karen Soni