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Currently, a company needs a digital strategy. You can see a scenario in which e-commerce reaches 4.5 billion USD and where 70% of professional companies invest in content marketing, a percentage that is increasing.  Your digital marketing strategy should contain a series of actions that will help you achieve your goals through online marketing.
Digital marketing can be defined as the activities that help promote a brand in the digital world, on the internet, through digital communication that is consistent with the company’s target audience and is presented in the correct digital media. This tool mainly seeks to reach customers through the different search engines, social networks, websites, emails, and other digital channels that are also helpful for digital strategies.  In a digital world with constant evolution, new regulations, and platforms, the success of businesses often depends directly on what they do (or don’t) take advantage of the media to promote a company on the network.

What is a digital marketing strategy?  This is the name given to the planning of steps to reach specific objectives for online media, which includes different aspects, such as the creation and dissemination of content through websites and social networks, email management, blogs, and many more platforms.

What are the objectives of digital marketing? The objectives of digital marketing always vary, depending on the goals the company wants to achieve in the digital world, and the reason for its campaigns. These, for example, can be: reach a greater number of followers, get more prospects, create a list of people interested in learning more about the company, get downloads of a file, installations of an application, or visits to a website.
To determine these objectives, it is necessary to analyze the opportunity areas of the company and its weaknesses. Thus, we’ll be capable of having a more focused and clearer path to where we want to go and what actions we must take to achieve it.

Some of the main objectives of digital marketing, most common among companies, are:

  • Capture New Customers: all digital marketing strategies should focus primarily on conversion rates, which means that clients must perform specific assignments such as downloading a file, buying a product, or subscribing to a newsletter, among others.
  • Customer Loyalty: keeping the costs of current customers between 5 and 25 times less than adding a new one. If you want your current customers to remain happy, you can create a digital marketing campaign that is focused on providing an enjoyable and enriching experience to strengthen the relationship between buyer and company.
  • Brand Recognition: strategies focused on positioning your brand or company in the digital market. All tools and strategies should focus on branding your business so that your product or service has a positive impact on your target audience.
  • Sales Increase: we all want to sell more, but not all companies implement the right campaigns to achieve those goals. Strategies should be aimed at increasing transactions, but a good customer experience should also be provided. This will ensure that your customers know that the company they are buying from has various options to make their purchases easier, for example, having different forms of payment or cheaper shipping.

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