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Our full-stack team combine proven marketing strategies with innovative tech to scale your business and drive growth. Team Ahava equips your brand with the knowledge, tools, and talent to build your strategy, you’ll experience the true power of Full-Stack Marketing.

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Our Story

Born in Space City, Houston, in 2020, our founder, Karen Soni, knows a thing or two about building from the ground up in the middle of a pandemic with all the odds against her.  Before Ahava Marketing, she used her experience working with SaaS product companies and founding a couple of startups, learning from mistakes took her to the next big idea, and so Ahava was created, and the rest is history.

What began as a one-woman show from a small study room turned into a Full-Stack Marketing Agency with 20+ employees.  Today, Team Ahava works with brands in different industries to brand, create, strategize, drive leads, boost presence, and genuinely help businesses thrive!

Team Ahava has come a long way since 2020 – the best part is that we’re just getting started.

Our Progress

Ahava Marketing is born in a small studio with 1-employee
Ahava Marketing grows into a team of six
Ahava Marketing adds 14+ members
Team Ahava goes international

Our Vision

To help brands thrive and become relevant in the marketplace, and thus contribute to helping them create a change in the world.

Our Mission

To maximize our customers’ marketing efforts with our Full Stack Marketing blueprint to help brands reach more customers.

Our Core Values

Acting with Integrity – Making a Difference – Bring Passion Everyday – Provide a Sustainable Environment to our Team and their Families – Being Empowered.

Meet Team Ahava

A group of passionate humans endlessly pursuing our clients' success.

Our multi-cultural and eclectic team is made up of thinkers, creatives, strategists, analysts, tech- junkies, entrepreneurs, and masterminds with unified core values.

Minority Owned


Multi-Cultural + Multilinguals




Pet Owners


Team on a Hybrid Environment


Successful teams don’t happen by accident, they’re built from the ground up.

Karen Soni

Director of Operations, Founder

Fun Fact About Me: Before marketing and software, I wanted to be a lawyer.

David Jaquez

Director of Strategy

Fun Fact About Me: In my previous life, I wanted to be a chef.

Zev Soni – Director of Strategic Growth

Director of Strategic Growth

Fun Fact About Me: Before Ahava, I wanted to join the FBI.

Brandy Soni

HR Operations Manager / Accounting

Fun Fact About Me: I love karaoke.

Pamela Garcia

Director of Design Operations

Fun Fact About Me: In one of my lives, I wanted to be a pastry chef.

Cesar Castañeda

Business Development Manager

Fun Fact About Me: One time, I played chess against five people at the same time.

Enrique Cardenas

Community Manager

Fun Fact About Me: Before being a community manager, I wanted to study statistics until I failed it twice in college, and I understood that it was not my path 😂

Federico Castañeda – Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer

Fun Fact About Me: I wanted to be a “doctor,” but life took me to the computer engineering world.

Leyla Andrade

Creative Lead

Fun Fact About Me: Before entering the creative world, I wanted to be a model.

Octavio Garcia

Sr. Brand Designer

Fun Fact About Me: I love making cardboard pieces for festivals or competitions.

Giovanna Morales

Customer Success

Fun Fact About Me: Before going to school for Marketing, I thought about studying nursing 🥴

Jane Cruz

Graphic Designer

Fun Fact About Me: I love to sing and dance when nobody sees me. 🥲

Victoria Longino

Graphic Designer

Fun Fact About Me: I wanted to be a dentist before discovering the world of design 🙃

Paola Ruiz

UI/UX Designer

Fun Fact About Me: I have deep conversations with myself in many languages, lol!

Victoria Marin

Social Media Coordinator

Fun Fact About Me: …

Marco Nava

Front-End Developer

Fun Fact About Me: I would have been a professional soccer player. I was in the basic forces of Toluca.

Jonathan Ramirez

IT Project Coordinator

Fun Fact About Me: My dream is to create a foundation to help low-income children with vision problems.

Camila Rayas

Social Media Assistant

Fun Fact About Me: I wanted to be a hardcore singer, but I am not a good singer 🥲

Fernanda Jaramillo

Jr. Graphic Designer

Fun Fact About Me: In my previous life I would have liked to be a professional skater.

Excuse me, my life is private!
Benji 🐶

CHO, Chief Happiness Officer, Co-Founder

Fun Fact About Me: My human speaks to me in German!

Zevi 🐶

Head of Security

Fun Fact About Me: I can’t resist pepperoni sticks.

Archie Buckingham, 1st 🐶

Director of First Impressions

Fun Fact About Me: I am a foodie and OMG, I can sleep 16 hours a day.

Life at Ahava Marketing

Life at Ahava Marketing has to be great! That's one of the driving forces to our everyday mission. Being a certificably great place to work agency is not to brag, it's really to uphold our core values and continue to offer our team the best environment. Whether Team Ahava is in-office or remote, we strive to make each member appreciated, get access to our perks and benefits that truly build our culture and drives Ahava forward.

Medical & Vision Insurance

Life Insurance

Lots of PTO

Volunteer Work (aka a Day of Service)

Ahava Care Camp

Winter Hours


Remote Work Setup

Employee Profit Share + Bonuses

Features and Nominations

We've made some great collaborations with some of the biggest players in the market and have developed a great partnership with some of them.

Let’s Talk! Meet the team, find your team, whatever!  We’re happy to talk.

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