By Cinthya Garcia

Today we want to talk to you about 6 types of email that you should include in your Email Marketing Strategy to boost the sales of your online store.

6 types of emails that will help you increase the sales of your online store.

1.- Welcome Email

There’s only one opportunity for a good first impression, so you must consider actions such as a welcome email, which allows your audience to become your client from the beginning.

Thus, in this “first contact” you must let them know who you are (or remind them if they already know you), what your brand does, what your product is, and the means by which they can follow you, such as social networks or other forms of communication.

2.- Abandoned Shopping Cart Email

This technique is super effective in reducing the dreaded abandonment rate in virtual stores, as it automatically sends an email to that customer who visited your store, or perhaps added some products to their shopping cart, but did not complete the purchase.

In this type of message, the customer is motivated to visit the store again through visual incentives, offers, discounts, bonuses, or promotions, making it possible for them to finally resume the purchase and complete it.

3.- Email Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Cross-selling is based on offering an active customer or potential customer a product or service as a complement to what has already been purchased, or what has been shown interest in acquiring. For example, a customer who has purchased a cell phone may be offered an accessory that enhances its appearance or functionality.
On the other hand, up-selling is basically offering a product or service similar to the one the customer wants to buy (sometimes being more expensive).
Following the previous example, if the customer wants to buy a plastic case for their cell phone, we can offer a more rigid one that guarantees better protection.

4.- Promotional Email

Who doesn’t like a promotion?
Sending emails with offers, discounts, or offering some benefit to our customers will always be an excellent technique to generate more sales.
Get creative and offer irresistible promotions!

5.- Newsletter

It’s one of the most used, for a clear reason: they are effective in keeping our clients informed and establishing a good point for online communication.
These types of emails must be regular. They allow the client to always be aware of new news about our product, to know if we have any offers or a particular event.

6.- Recovery Email for Inactive Clients

They say it costs ten times more to attract a new customer than to keep one loyal. For this reason, we must review our customer base and detect which ones are inactive.
These are those customers who have not bought again, who don’t participate in our events, and who no longer comment on our social networks.
We must use techniques to investigate why they have gone inactive and find ways to bring them back.
These emails are usually very helpful because they make the customer feel truly valued and appreciated, creating a feeling of wanting to buy again or reconnect with our brand.

Stay tuned for more tips to better your marketing efforts.

Photo Reference: Pexels